It’s Time to Get Your BodyFit

What is the BodyFit Program?

The BodyFit program is a personalized fitness program designed to:

  • Review Fitness – where you are now and what could be improved – weight /cardio / strength / spinal mobility
  • Rehab Injuries – exercises specific to your rehab designed by an experienced physiotherapist and personal trainer
  • Restore Ability – specific to your needs
  • Reach Goals – modified goals that are realistic and important to you

The BodyFit program will involve a physiotherapy consultation to plan your specific exercise rehabilitation and communicate this with the personal trainer. Personal training will then take place in our onsite gym or the adjacent Parkside gym & pool where ongoing memberships can be purchased to continue exercise independently. A 20 punch card can be purchased at the Parkside Hotel for $80 and lasts 6 months.

BodyFit is suitable for conditions such as:

  • Post operative rehab – to get the best function after joint replacements or spinal surgery.
  • Medical Conditions – such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • Chronic Injuries – like shoulder instability, tendonitis or patello-femoral pain.
  • Multiple Trauma – fractures and multiple soft tissue injuries benefit from customised exercise.

Our physiotherapists understand orthopaedics; the orthopaedic protocols, the importance of post-op protection, and graded rehabilitation.

Our personal trainer Ron Cain is a great communicator and coach. His focus is on the active older adult who wants to regain fitness and function to enjoy their “prime time.”

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Still Have Questions About Our BodyFit Program?

If you have any questions about the schedule of our BodyFit program, just contact us to learn more!

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