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What is the Back In Action Program?

Back pain is common and affects all aspects of your life.

Most back pain is from mechanical irritation of discs, joints or ligaments. Mobilization, exercise and education are key requirements to resolve mechanical back pain.  Some back pain is from inflammatory arthritis with the most common being ankylosing spondylitis which requires medication to reduce inflammation along with mobilization and exercise to limit spinal stiffness

Research confirms that exercise and education are the key components to managing back pain. Needles and pills do not provide lasting results and surgery is the last resort. In our experience we find patients are concerned about the TIME & COST of attending for physical treatment of back pain or confused about which exercises will help.

Our solution for your chronic back pain …..

Back in Action is suitable for chronic conditions such as spinal stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis and postural spinal pain.

Back in Action is a package of 5 physiotherapy sessions organized to give you some hands on help, education on activity modification and a customized exercise program selected from our structured spinal mobility and core stability programs. Our goal is to help you move well and manage you back pain independently.

Session 1

One hour appointment with comprehensive assessment, measurements of spinal mobility, analysis and education about contributing factors and a treatment plan starting with hands on help and progressing to independent exercise and activity modification.

Sessions 2, 3 & 4 

30 minute appointments to review progress, continue manual therapy to address stiff joints and tight muscles and progression of customized spinal mobility and core stability exercises. Stay and practice your exercise program in our onsite private gym. To improve compliance an exercise checklist and photo / video of individual exercise programs can be provided.

Session 5 

One hour appointment to measure improved mobility, review ongoing exercise plan, functional goals and exercise choices in the community. Plus a final session of hands on techniques or treatments that have been beneficial.

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  • It is recommended you attend weekly for the 5 sessions
  • The cost of the Back in Action program is $560 and full payment is required at time of booking the 5 sessions.
  • Rebates can be claimed from extended benefits insurers.

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