BodyFit Program With Injury or illness your fitness program will need to be customized to meet your needs and goals Rehab
After Injury or Illness

It’s Time to Get Your BodyFit

The BodyFit program is designed to:

·        Review Fitness – where you are now and what could be improved – weight /cardio /strength /mobility.

·        Rehab Injuries – exercises specific to your rehab designed by an experienced physiotherapist.

·        Restore Ability – specific to your needs.

·        Reach Goals – modified goals that are realistic and important to you.

BodyFit is suitable for conditions such as:

·        Post-operative rehab – after joint replacements or spinal surgery.

·        Medical Conditions – such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer.

·        Chronic Injuries – like shoulder instability, tendonitis or patello-femoral pain.

·        Multiple Trauma – car accidents and falls resulting in fractures and multiple soft tissue injuries benefit from customized exercise.

Ross Baines is an experienced physiotherapist with an interest in exercise rehab to help patients get fit for life and to manage some mechanical issues as they do so. Ross will use his experience with strength and conditioning, spinal mobility, circuit training, run drills, swim drills, pilates and functional exercise using kinetic link training to customise an exercise program at our onsite private gym, adjacent Parkside Resort gym & pool and local Beacon Hill Park.

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