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Physioplus – Policy for patient care from May 19th 2020

Physioplus – Policy for patient care from May 19th 2020

The Health and Safety of our staff, patients and community are our primary concern. We are pleased to resume practice but ask your cooperation to ensure our policy is as effective as possible in protecting us all during the pandemic.

Anyone with cough, sneeze, fever, difficulty breathing, or who has been in contact with a person with these symptoms, or who has traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days – these people are not permitted to enter our clinic.
Patients should complete the self report at https://bc.thrive.health/covid19 and will be asked to sign a waiver to accept our policy & precautions are adequate for their protection.
We monitor updates from BC Health, WorkSafe BC and CPTBC to ensure our policy is compliant.

Physioplus Staff – how we protect patients
For your protection and to maintain social distancing there are only a limited number of physiotherapists working with limited hours available.
Our spacious waiting area and separate treatment rooms allows separation of patients.
Patients will be booked for 1:1 consult and treatment of up to 30 minutes ($80)
Patients with complex problems or health issues who require more time should book a one hour consult ($150)
Treatment times may be shortened by a few minutes to ensure thorough cleaning of treatment areas and equipment and reduce patient traffic in common areas.
Our physiotherapists and staff are following stringent cleaning standards of all surfaces where shared contact is likely. In particular, our treatment tables, gym equipment, reception desk, washroom area and door handles. All our linens are single use.
We practice handwashing before and after each consult.
Your physiotherapist will wear a face mask and may wear gloves.
We will continue to offer telehealth consults for patients who cannot attend appointments or where physical assessment and treatment is not the main purpose of the consult
We will not offer our walk-in clinic until further notice

Patients – how you can help us
Patients should wear a face mask. If you do not have a face mask we will provide a clean cloth mask
On arrival patients will be asked to wash or sanitise their hands and will be directed to a clean treatment room
We request that you kindly do not bring anyone else with you to your appointment unless you are underage, require supervision, or require special assistance.
Please bring your own clean shorts or T shirt to allow examination / treatment
Please provide insurer details at time of booking to allow direct billing
Please be prepared to pay by credit card.
We will email receipts and appointment reminders
Ross Baines & Christine Morrison – Physiotherapists / Directors of Physioplus

For more information or to book an appointment, click the button to contact us!

Caleigh ( Athlete and student )

“After two sprained ankles within twenty-four hours of one another, intensive physiotherapy got me off crutches and to an overnight snowshoe camp and European soccer tour within weeks.”


Nell (Educator and (again, thanks to Ross) considerably more knowledgeable Cricket Spectator)

“I was referred to Ross by my doctor, originally, for treatment of shin splints. When Ross could see my progress was not as expected, he communicated with my doctor regarding the possibility of a tibia fracture – a subsequent CT scan confirmed it was. Thanks to Ross’s professional experience and keen attention to underlying symptoms, my injury was more accurately diagnosed and is now, with his physio support, healing well. Ross’ quiet sense of humour and steady encouragement have made my physio treatment experience very positive”.


Peter ( still strolling along. )

“Ross took the time to understand the impact heel pain had on my activities and analyze the mechanics and footwear that aggravated the pain. With therapy and the custom orthotics he prescribed and recommended footwear I was able to happily stroll through the villages and countryside of Italy this Summer.”

(still strolling along.)

Paul Gray ( active dad and running enthusiast )

“My experience at PhysioPlus was extremely positive. 3 days after tearing my ACL playing soccer I had my first visit. I walked in on crutches and was wearing an immobilizer knee brace for stability. Ross was able to help me regain confidence to bear weight on my injured leg and I was able to walk out with the crutches in one hand and the knee brace in the other.

Ross was able to confirm from his assessment of my knee that I had, in fact, ruptured my ACL which had not yet been confirmed, being prior to an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon or an MRI.

Ross had me work through a program pre-surgery to regain as much mobility and stability I could without having the ACL intact. After the reconstructive surgery was completed we worked through a program to continue to increase mobility and strength. Having access to the exercise room complete with equipment was extremely helpful. Ross was able to explain and demonstrate how to effectively work through the exercise routines.

Within one year of my surgery I have returned to running and have started some hiking. I would highly recommend PhysioPlus to anyone requiring treatment. The atmosphere is calm and everyone is extremely friendly and caring.”

Paul Gray
Active Dad and Running Enthusiast

Lisa Wren (Age 55)

“After completing an extensive painting project, I ended up with a frozen right shoulder, which was extremely painful and debilitating. This is when my introduction to Physioplus occurred. My physiotherapist, Ross Baines, was instrumental in getting me back to good health. Ross used various interventional techniques to encourage movement in the shoulder joint, always providing me with ample information about each. He was always professional and communicated thoroughly with the rest of my medical team. I have every confidence that the care Ross provided expedited my return to normal activity. I would not hesitate to recommend Ross and the entire team at Physioplus!”

Lisa Wren

Bruce Cook – previous hard core triathlete

“Most highly recommended for physio and rehab. Ross is a knowledgable and caring practitioner, going above and beyond to help you. Easy going personality and very supportive. Ross is easy to talk to with incredible results. A+ from me.”

Bruce Cook
– previous hard core triathlete

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