Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services to Patients and Insurers

  • Independent second opinions – for patients or insurers
  • Medicolegal reports – for lawyers
  • Negotiation / Mediation on ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment and future cost of care

Ross Baines has over 12 years experience as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant to WorkCover (NSW) in Australia. Appointed in 1997 by representatives of The Australian Physiotherapy Association, The Physiotherapist Registration Board (NSW) and the WorkCover Authority. Ross has conducted over 1000 file reviews for insurers and negotiated positions on the funding and delivery of ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment with physiotherapists, massage therapists and exercise physiologists as well as giving insurers expert second opinions on treatment options and future cost of care. These opinions are supported by extensive clinical experience, current knowledge of evidence based treatments and valid objective tests and outcome measures.

Patients and payers can rely on Ross Baines to provide independent, experienced and ethical opinions on their personal injury claim and future treatment needs.

Consultancy Services to Employers

Large employers are motivated to retain a healthy and productive workforce and mitigate the risk of workplace injury with the associated costs – on the person, on productivity, on skill set and on insurance premiums.
In some industries employers must compete to recruit and retain workers with specialized skill sets. These sought after employees will value a workplace that is proactive in supporting safe work practices and their well-being.

Ross Baines has a Master of Business Administration and is skilled in the development of strategic and operational plans to reduce and manage injuries in the workplace.

Some examples of consultancy services Ross can provide employers include:

  • Injury and Risk Profiles
  • Review of Compliance with OHS standards and writing Safety and Operations Manuals
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Injury prevention training
  • Return to Work criteria with reference to task analysis and functional capacity tests
  • Train the Trainer – inhouse training programs
  • Good Health – Better Business
  • Preferred provider networks to manage musculoskeletal injuries
  • Cost:Benefit analysis of initiatives to reduce workplace injury

Contact Ross to discuss how you can benefit from his experience ross@physioplusvicoria.com.

If you would like more information on these services contact us:

Phone: 250-220-7205 or Email: admin@physioplusvictoria.com