You're In The Right Hands.
With extensive clinical experience, integrated services and quality facilities Ross Baines, Christine Morrison and associates at PhysioPlus welcome new patients to their practice in downtown Victoria. We Can Help You
Move Well and Stay Well
Integrated Care
More Services. Quality Facilities.
Professional Service
To Meet Your Needs
You're In The Right Hands.
With extensive clinical experience, integrated services and quality facilities Ross Baines, Christine Morrison and associates at PhysioPlus welcome new patients to their practice in downtown Victoria. We Can Help You
Move Well and Stay Well
Integrated Care
More Services. Quality Facilities.
Professional Service
To Meet Your Needs
You're In The Right Hands.
With extensive clinical experience, integrated services and quality facilities Ross Baines, Christine Morrison and associates at PhysioPlus welcome new patients to their practice in downtown Victoria. We Can Help You
Move Well and Stay Well
Integrated Care
More Services. Quality Facilities.
Professional Service
To Meet Your Needs
You're In The Right Hands.
With extensive clinical experience, integrated services and quality facilities Ross Baines, Christine Morrison and associates at PhysioPlus welcome new patients to their practice in downtown Victoria. We Can Help You
Move Well and Stay Well
Integrated Care
More Services. Quality Facilities.
Professional Service
To Meet Your Needs
Downtown Convenience PhysioPlus is located at 809 Fairfield Road at the corner of Blanshard Street in Victoria B.C. Canada.

The street level clinic is stylish and modern with disabled access, private rooms, quality equipment and a spacious onsite gym suitable for exercise rehab and our small group exercise classes.

There is pay parking and a loading zone directly in front of the clinic. There is free 2 hour parking within 100m.

At PhysioPlus you can expect prompt appointments & efficient administration with personal service.

More Services & Quality Facilities. Our integrated services will help you move well and stay well.

Our experienced physiotherapists offer a diverse range of specialised services and can recommend programs or products to help you move well and stay well.  We can coordinate your care with our massage therapist, acupuncturist, kinesiologist or personal trainer.

We utilize the adjacent Parkside Resort gym and pool (25m with disabled access) for supervised exercise and hydrotherapy.

Our Experience - Your Advantage. The directors of PhysioPlus Ross Baines and Christine Morrison have extensive experience.

We each bring over 20 years of clinical experience in private clinics & private hospitals, VIHA orthopaedic units, VCH Arthritis Centre as well as workplaces and sporting fields.

Experience counts. Trust us to provide a detailed diagnosis, treatment plan and to communicate with your doctor where investigations or other treatment options are indicated. Benefit from our hands on help, knowledge and networks.

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More Services & Quality Facilities.


  • Sports / Spinal / Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
  • Post-op rehab programs and Hydrotherapy
  • Custom orthotics using Gaitscan Technology and 3D casting
  • Physiotherapy for inflammatory and osteoarthritis

Specialised Services

  • Sarah Key Method – specialized method of manual therapy & exercise to treat back pain
  • Women’s Health – pelvic floor, pre/post natal, post mastectomy conditions
  • Cervicogenic headaches, postural pain & ergonomic reviews
  • Positional vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation

Massage Therapy

  • Professional service from a registered practitioner
  • Release/Relax/Restore
  • Massage is useful in combination with physiotherapy treatment
  • Make the most of your extended benefits and use regular massage for well being

Exercise and Rehabilitation

  • GLA:D – evidence based exercise and education for osteoarthritis of hip or knee – can be used as pre-hab for joint replacements. Learn More Here!
  • Back in Action – 5 session program of hands on help, education and exercise to help you manage chronic spinal pain including arthritis. Learn More Here!
  • BodyFit – Review Fitness / Rehab Injuries / Restore Ability / Reach Goals with the combined expertise of physio & trainer
  • Active Again – Exercise Rehabilitation for return to work or sport. Can be funded by ICBC.

Fit for Work

  • Active Again – exercise rehab programs for WCB and ICBC
  • Injury Prevention WorkSafe manual handling training & OfficeSafe ergonomic training
  • Task Analysis & Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Employers can use our services to retain their best asset – a healthy workforce

Consultancy Services

  • Independent, ethical and experienced opinion for patients and insurers
  • Injury prevention services for employers including pre employment screening and risk profiles
  • Negotiation / Mediation on ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment and future cost of care
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

About PhysioPlus

The owners of PhysioPlus – Ross Baines and Christine Morrison welcome new patients to their upmarket downtown practice.

We have invested in quality facilities and recruited an experienced and caring team of professionals to deliver professional health care services to help you move well and stay well.

We are active in the local medical, health care and sporting communities and our networks are a valuable resource to patients.

With sporting interests covering tennis & triathlon, sailing & skiing, running & rugby and with 3 daughters involved in dance, gymnastics and soccer we are sure to understand the demands of your sport.

Having extensive experience as the preferred physiotherapists to several large employers we know the importance of taking time to understand the demands of your work and communicating with your doctor and employer to ensure a safe return to work.

Our associate physiotherapists are committed to our mission to provide professional, progressive physiotherapy. All our physiotherapists are experienced in treating sports, orthopaedic, spinal and work related injuries.

Why choose PhysioPlus?

The directors of PhysioPlus Ross Baines and Christine Morrison have extensive experience in providing physiotherapy and leading allied health care services from private clinics and hospitals in Australia and more recently here in Victoria at VIHA orthopaedic units and VCH Arthritis Centre

Let our experience be your advantage.
Physiotherapists hold a university degree and are highly trained in the recognition and physical treatment of disorders affecting the musculo-skeletal system. Our continuing education, professional memberships and networks ensure you receive ‘best practice’ in assessment and treatment to help you move well and stay well.

Our physiotherapists continue to update their knowledge in the following specialized areas to provide you with the best care.

Back Pain – Sarah Key Approach
An innovative approach of manual therapy and exercise to unlock stiff segments in your spine that result from repetitive posture and activities.

Cervicogenic Headaches
Assessment of posture and function of the cervical and thoracic spine leading to therapy for joint restrictions and muscle imbalances which may include joint mobilization / manipulation / IMS and myofascial release to unlock tight muscles. We customise a checklist of advice on ergonomics, exercises and self help strategies.

Women’s Health
Christine Morrison has post-graduate training and many years of experience helping women with pelvic floor and pre and post natal conditions. Christine uses her experience from VIHA clinics, hospital work and post grad education to help women after mastectomy to manage cording, shoulder stiffness and lymphoedema.

Positional Vertigo & Vestibular Rehabilitation
Vertigo provoked by head movements may be due to a disorder of the vestibular system. Ross Baines has post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of positional vertigo and rehabilitation of the vestibular system to keep you upright and able.

Biomechanical Analysis of foot and knee
See Ross Baines for an assessment of the mechanics of the lower extremities and pelvic girdle to help identify and rehabilitate over-use injuries like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and patella femoral pain. Our assessment can include a GaitScan to map foot mechanics during walking or observation of functional activities in our gym or running on a treadmill. Our GaitScan system enables the prescription of flexible low profile custom orthotics.

Arthritis – specialized assessment and exercise programs
See Christine Morrison to get a treatment plan for inflammatory or osteoarthritis.

Christine is accredited to run the GLA:D Canada exercise program for hip and knee arthritis. This small group exercise and education program strengthens and corrects daily movement programs to improve control and alignment which results in less pain and improved function.

Back in Action – hands on help, education and exercise to help you manage chronic back pain.
This package of 5 physiotherapy sessions will give you some hands on help and a customized exercises selected from our structured spinal mobility and core stability programs.  Back in Action is suitable for chronic conditions such as spinal stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, and postural spinal pain. We can help you to move well and stay well

If you would like more information on these services call us on 250-220-7205 or email admin@physioplusvictoria.com.

Christine Morrison is a registered physiotherapist with extensive experience in hydrotherapy following joint replacements, spinal surgery, fractures and arthritis. Christine provides individual hydrotherapy by appointment.

ICBC patients who are approved for our Active Again Program and all WorkSafe patients can benefit from hydrotherapy with no out of pocket cost.

Let us bring our experience to you.
In many cases, especially for older people with mobility problems, physiotherapy in your home can be a good choice to facilitate your recovery. Physic@ home is effective because we give you practical therapy and exercise that you can do at home, It is cost effective when the time and effort to get to appointments is considered.

Christine Morrison 
Christine Morrison is a registered Physiotherapist with extensive experience caring for patients in hospitals and rehab units and helping their transition to independent living at home.

GLA:D Canada – An 8 week group exercise and education program for hip & knee arthritis.
Christine Morrison is accredited to provide the GLA:D program which has had over 10,000 participants who have reported beneficial outcomes including 27% reduction in pain, 45% reduction in pain meds and over 30% increase in physical activity. These specific neuromuscular exercises can be applied to everyday activities to improve control and alignment. This program is suitable as prehab before joint replacement. 

Active Again – gym based exercise rehabilitation
Active Again is a gym based exercise program supervised by a kinesiologist or physiotherapist. We utilize our spacious onsite gym or the adjacent Parkside gym and pool.

The Active Again program is a capstone to physiotherapy treatment where conditioning exercise is becoming more important than therapy. Where indicated we include coaching on modifying beliefs and behaviours that restrict patients potential as well as education on manual handling and ergonomics. Active Again is a program that can help get patients fit for work or reduce their requirement for treatment. ICBC will pay to help patients with an accepted claim get Active Again

BodyFit – get fit after injury or illness
We can combine the knowledge of a physiotherapist with the coaching skills of a personal trainer. Working from our onsite gym or the adjacent Parkside Resort gym & pool our BodyFit Program aims to:

  • Review fitness
  • Rehab Injuries
  • Restore Ability
  • Reach Goals

If you would like more information on these services call us on 250-220-7205 or email admin@physioplusvictoria.com for a fact sheet.

Employers can use our services to retain their best asset – a healthy workforce

Recruit the right person: Pre-employment or functional capacity evaluations to ensure workers can safely manage the job demands.

Train: The Work Safe and Office Safe education modules can be presented at the workplace to reduce the risk of manual handling and overuse injuries.

Retain: Appoint PhysioPlus to be your preferred physiotherapy provider to manage work related injuries or provide wellness services.

Good Health is Better Business.

Acupuncture involves inserting extremely thin, sterile single use needles into specific points along energy pathways called meridians. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles illness is the result of imbalances in the body. These problems may be caused by a blockage of Qi (vital energy) and blood, or by an imbalance between the components of Qi, Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are two kinds of energy with different qualities, that should work in harmony to balance the body’s internal environment and maintain healthy organ function. Removing blockages of Qi and regulating Yin and Yang through the use of Acupuncture improves the function of all the body’s processes and its resistance to disease.

  • Effectively treats pain and improves immune response
  • Is holistic and works well in conjunction with other therapies
  • Offers a unique perspective on chronic conditions including auto immune disorders
  • Treats mental and emotional health with success
  • Looks for the root cause of illness and encourages a gradual transformation

PhysioPlus provides the following consultancy services:

  • Independent second opinions – for patients or insurers
  • Medicolegal reports – for lawyers
  • Negotiation / Mediation on ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment and future cost of care.

Ross Baines has over 12 years experience as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant to WorkCover (NSW) in Australia. Appointed in 1997 by representatives of The Australian Physiotherapy Association, The Physiotherapist Registration Board (NSW) and the WorkCover Authority. Ross has conducted over 1000 file reviews for insurers and negotiated positions on the funding and delivery of ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment with physiotherapists, massage therapists and exercise physiologists as well as giving insurers expert second opinions on treatment options and future cost of care. These opinions are supported by extensive clinical experience, current knowledge of evidence based treatments and valid objective tests and outcome measures.

Patients and payers can rely on Ross Baines to provide independent, experienced and ethical opinions on their personal injury claim and future treatment needs.

Release – Relax – Restore
Enjoy massage therapy for relaxation or well-being from a registered professional in a professional and relaxed environment

Massage is a complementary treatment to physiotherapy and is very beneficial for patients with neck and back pain where muscle spasm dominates.

Massage for maintenance is a popular and worthwhile investment in your well-being. Take advantage of the funding available from your extended health insurance plan and book regular massage therapy to move well and stay well.

Got a question? – We have answers! If you have a question about our services or would like some advice on how physiotherapy can help you just click “Request Callback”

Meet Your PhysioPlus Practitioners

Ross Baines Physiotherapist & Owner

Ross specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, manual / manipulative therapy for the spine and exercise rehabilitation. He has a particular interest in orthopaedic conditions affecting the knee and shoulder and post-operative rehabilitation. He is skilled in treatments and orthotic prescription for disorders of the foot and ankle. Ross has post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of positional vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation.

Ross gained his Physiotherapy degree in Adelaide South Australia and also has a Master of Business Administration degree with specialization in small business and professional services. Having owned a successful network of practices in Australia and with experience working in other practices here in Victoria, Ross has developed the services and quality facilities at PhysioPlus to help you Go Better. Ross enjoys cycling to work along the waterfront and serving patients who live and work in beautiful downtown Victoria.

With over 20 years clinical experience and 12 years as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant to WorkCover (NSW) you can expect Ross to give you an accurate assessment of how physiotherapy can help you or what other treatment options may be appropriate for you.

You can read more about the consultancy services Ross offers to patients, payers and employers here.

Christine Morrison Physiotherapist & Owner

Christine Morrison has a combined degree in physiotherapy and occupational therapy from UBC in Vancouver. Christine’s early career was in her home town of Victoria where she operated a VIHA outpatient clinic at Fairfield Health Clinic – right where PhysioPlus is now located!

With years of experience leading a physiotherapy service at a 160 bed private hospital in Australia Christine has recently added to her expertise with specialised training and experience in the management of inflammatory and osteoarthritis whilst working at the Arthritis Centre here in Victoria. Christine will be providing a specialised program to manage hip & knee arthritis.(www.gladcanada.ca)

Christine has post-graduate training in women’s health matters including pelvic floor physiotherapy, post mastectomy problems and osteoporosis. She is also trained in dry needling/IMS.

Christine has worked at VIHA orthopaedic clinics and facilitated a two year study in conjunction with the orthopaedic specialists and Ministry of Health on outcomes after joint replacements. Christine offers post op physiotherapy and hydrotherapy after hip and knee replacements.

Christine is resourceful in sourcing equipment and working cooperatively to help older patients with orthopaedic and medical problems maximize their function and maintain independence.

Rob Foley Physiotherapist

Rob is an experienced physiotherapist with a personable approach focused on your needs. Rob has worked in various physiotherapy settings over the past 9 years and has a keen interest in orthopaedics, sports injuries and general musculoskeletal issues.

Rob graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2009 after completing a previous degree in Sports Science. He relocated to Victoria in 2017.

A keen tennis player Rob represented Ireland in tennis as a junior and was a junior national squad coach/trainer as well as treating Irish Davis Cup players.

Rob’s treatment approach is centered around manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and patient education. Rob is also trained in dry needling / IMS.

Rob is welcoming new patients and offering convenient late afternoon appointments on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Matt Fitzsimmons Physiotherapist

Matt is enthusiastic about human performance and helping patients achieve their best function. In pursuing this objective Matt completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic & Exercise Therapy here in Victoria before going on to graduate from University of Alberta with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy.

Matt believes in providing a comprehensive treatment plan involving rehabilitation exercises, manual therapy, and patient education to allow patients to understand, manage, and prevent injuries. With additional certification as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Matt is adept at providing rehabilitation programs with a focus on functional strength and conditioning.

You can depend on Matt to develop a physiotherapy treatment plan that is aligned with current research and that delivers lasting results and value for patients. Matt has also written and published in the Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation on the topic of pain sciences and he will take the time to help patients understand the complex nature of their pain behaviour. Always looking to advance his clinical skills, Matt will be pursuing advanced orthopaedic and IMS / Dry Needling training.

Matt is pleased to be back in his hometown of Victoria and is accepting new patients. When not helping patients at Physioplus you can likely find Matt in the gym working on his own strength and conditioning.

Ron Cain Personal Trainer

Ron has a wealth of experience to offer new clients. He has a degree in Human Performance and is a Certified Personal Trainer with CanFitPro. Ron is a Nationally Certified Coach and Registered Fitness Appraiser. He is a great communicator and coach!

Ron’s specializations include sport specific training programs, adaptive fitness for 50 plus, post-physio conditioning, golf fitness, fitness appraisals and body composition assessment.
He is excited to link with our physiotherapists to offer our BodyFit Program:
1. Review fitness 2. Rehab injuries 3. Restore ability 4. Reach goals
BodyFit can help you get back in action after injury, illness or operations.
Ron utilizes our private on-site gym or the adjacent Parkside Hotel gym and pool.

Invest in your health and fitness – Move Well and Stay Well

PhysioPlus Partners

Frequently Asked Physiotherapy Questions If you would like to discuss your physiotherapy questions with us directly, give us a call at 250-220-7205 today!

Your Privacy

  • All patients complete a Patient Information Form.<>
  • We protect the privacy of your personal information by following CPTBC requirements and the CPA Code of Conduct.
  • Physiotherapy involves the observation and palpation of the musculoskeletal system. Appropriate dress is shorts and singlet. We have these and hospital gowns available.
  • If you are concerned about you privacy please advise the physiotherapist.
  • You are welcome to attend with a friend.

Your Safety

  • Please advise your physiotherapist if you have a cardiac pacemaker or medical condition that may require precautions or require our assistance with your medication (eg. diabetes, allergies, ischaemic heart disease).
  • All patients commencing BodyFit exercise programs will be asked to complete the Exercise Safety Questionnaire.

Extended Benefits

  • Simply provide us with your Extended Benefits details and while you wait we will submit your claim and advise you if any payment is required.
  • We can process claims for the following providers:
    • Green Shield Canada
    • Great West Life
    • Pacific Blue Cross
    • Medavie Blue Cross (DVA/DND/RCMP)
    • Sun Life Financial
    • Chamber of Commerce Group
    • Cowan
    • Industrial Alliance
    • Johnson Inc
    • Manulife Financial
    • Maximum Benefit
    • Johnston Group
    • Standard Life
    • CINUP
    • Desjardines Insurance
    • First Canadian
  • Please note that depending on your plan type we may not be able to electronically bill your provider. If this is the case we will provide you with a receipt for your appointment and you can manually process claims with your provider.


  • If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a vehicle registered and insured in BC you will have coverage for physiotherapy treatment through ICBC.
  • Call ICBC on 250 480-5600 to register your claim and when you book your appointment with Physioplus advise us of your claim number, date of injury and ICBC contact
  • If the accident caused soft tissue injuries, it is important to start physiotherapy as soon as possible to get the right treatment and advice.
  • We can seek approval from ICBC to pay for our Active Again program – to accelerate your recovery through supervised gym exercise or hydrotherapy.
  • Our goal is to return you to your pre-accident abilities as quickly as possible.

MSP Claims

  • If you qualify for premium assistance then MSP will contribute to 10 physiotherapy treatments per year.
  • We will need to take your Personal Health Number and call MSP to check if you qualify and what benefits remain as the 10 treatments are shared between physiotherapy and other health providers.
  • In addition to the contribution paid directly by MSP we charge a user fee of $50 payable at each visit.
  • MSP Phone Number: 1-800-663-7100
  • Website Link: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-drug-coverage/msp/bc-residents/eligibility-and-enrolment


  • WorkSafeBC pays for accredited physiotherapy clinics to treat work related injuries.
  • Physioplus has invested in the facilities, training, systems and insurances to become an accredited physiotherapy provider to WorkSafe BC
  • With an accepted WCB claim there is no cost to the injured worker. No doctor’s referral is required.
  • If you are injured at work notify your employer and WorkSafe BC to get a claim number. When you make your appointment at Physioplus let us know your claim number and case manager.
  • Many work related injuries are soft tissue injuries. Physiotherapists are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries which benefit from early treatment and usually recover within 6 – 8 weeks.

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