Jim Allen, Victoria BC Designation

I am a retired chiropractor and through my years of practice I had the opportunity to interact with numerous physiotherapists both professionally and as a patient myself. Ross has treated me for various problems over the years - most recently very successfully for rehabilitation of my ankle after fusion surgery. Ross has great hands-on skills and his understanding and application of functional anatomy directed towards prevention and rehabilitation is, in my opinion, outstanding. He is patient and respectful - and an excellent communicator which I think is so essential to a patient understanding their condition and complying with a prescribed exercise plan. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a physiotherapist to consider Ross's services.”

Gord Bedingfield Designation

Following surgery to re-attach 2 torn tendons in my shoulder (rotator cuff) I sought out physiotherapy to properly recover. Ross explained what had happened to the shoulder, explained recovery process and laid out a plan to first work on mobility. Making it clear that his plan was to ensure I did not undo the work completed by the surgery, mobility exercises were slowly followed by strengthening exercises; all the while listening to input from the surgeon. 5 months after surgery, following Ross’ careful direction, the surgeon has given me a green light and declared the surgery a success. Ross laid out a continued home care plan to further strengthen all associated muscles to reduce any future problems. Bookings were made either online through email or through phone calls and appointment reminders arrived a day before through email. All in all a very positive experience. I thank Ross and his clinic and endorse PhysioPlus without hesitation

Grant Parbery customer

Others could not identify the cause of my groin pain. From his experience with sports teams and knowledge of best practice in sports medicine Ross was able to diagnose my condition and get me back kicking goals.

Donaleen Saul Writer/editor who’s now back on the keyboard

I came to Ross with two broken arms – my right wrist and left elbow – and immediately felt supported, not just by his competence as a physiotherapist and the excellent exercise program that he assigned me – and recorded for use at home – but by his kind, no-nonsense manner and his commitment to my recovery. I steadily improved, and when hands on physiotherapy and a specific home exercise program for my elbow fracture did not produce the expected gains in motion, Ross took the time to communicate with my surgeon. My surgeon determined further surgery may be needed to improve my mobility.

Bruce Cook previous hard core triathlete

Most highly recommended for physio and rehab. Ross is a knowledgable and caring practitioner, going above and beyond to help you. Easy going personality and very supportive. Ross is easy to talk to with incredible results. A+ from me.

Briar Pinch Customer

I would highly recommend Christine Morrison of Physioplus for the excellent treatment and care of my rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Christine has taught me execises and provided treatments to help maintain my ability and deal with my pain. I very happy with the treatment that I have received.

Laura Wheeler Customer

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and saw both Christine and Ross after a prolonged flare in my wrists. With their help, I was able to greatly improve the strength and function in both of my wrists. Their proactive and compassionate approach to rehabilitation was refreshing and extremely effective. I found Christine to be well educated on inflammatory arthritis, and was impressed by both Christine and Ross’ abilities to find creative ways for me to stretch and strengthen my body despite the difficult limitations imposed by my wrists. They will be my first choice for any future physiotherapy needs.

John Hiker & Sailer

I have found Ross kind, knowledgable and thorough. He has successfully treated my arthritic knee so that I could continue my hiking activities without pain