Frequently Asked Physiotherapy Questions

If you have a question give us a call at 250-220-7205 or send an email using the online form

  • All patients complete a Patient Information Form either through our online booking or in person at out clinic.
  • We protect the privacy of your personal information by following CPTBC requirements and the CPA Code of Conduct.
  • Physiotherapy involves the observation and palpation of the musculoskeletal system. Appropriate dress is shorts and singlet. We have these and hospital gowns available.
  • If you are concerned about you privacy please advise the physiotherapist.
  • You are welcome to attend with a friend.

Please advise your physiotherapist if you have a cardiac pacemaker or medical condition that may require precautions or require our assistance with your medication (eg. Diabetes, allergies, ischaemic heart disease).

All patients commencing BodyFit exercise programs will be asked to complete the Exercise Safety Questionnaire.

We process claims and direct bill to many insurance providers. Simply provide us with your Extended Benefit details either in person or through our online intake form and while you wait, we will submit your claim and advise you if any payment is required.

Please note that depending on your plan type we may not be able to electronically bill your provider. If this is the case, we will take payment from you and provide you with a receipt for your appointment and you can submit your claim directly to your insurer.

  • If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a vehicle registered and insured in BC you will have coverage for physiotherapy treatment through ICBC.
  • Call ICBC on 250-480-5600 to register your claim and when you book your appointment with Physioplus advise us of your claim number, date of injury and ICBC contact.
  • If the accident caused soft tissue injuries, it is important to start physiotherapy as soon as possible to get the right treatment and advice.
  • Our goal is to return you to your pre-accident abilities as quickly as possible.


Many work related injuries are soft tissue injuries. Physiotherapists are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries which benefit from early treatment and usually recover within 6 – 8 weeks. Please call to book your appointment.

  • WorkSafeBC pays for accredited physiotherapy clinics to treat work related injuries.
  • Physioplus has invested in the facilities, training, systems and insurances to become an accredited physiotherapy provider to WorkSafe BC
  • With an accepted WCB claim there is no cost to the injured worker. No doctor’s referral is required.
  • If you are injured at work notify your employer and WorkSafe BC to get a claim number. When you make your appointment at Physioplus let us know your claim number and case manager.
  • If you qualify for premium assistance, MSP will contribute to 10 physiotherapy treatments per year.
  • We will need to take your Personal Health Number and call MSP to check if you qualify and what benefits remain as the 10 treatments are shared between physiotherapy and other health providers.
  • In addition to the contribution paid directly by MSP we charge a user fee of $60 payable at each visit.
  • MSP Phone Number: 1-800-663-7100
  • Website Link:
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