Employer & Consultancy Services

Employer Services

  • Injury prevention training – Work Safe (manual handling) and Office Safe (ergonomics)
  • Task analysis – allows informed decisions on return to work and pre-employment testing
  • Pre-employment testing – recruit the right employee
  • Injury profile and prevention services for employers – reduce injuries and insurance premiums

Ross Baines has worked with diverse employers including city councils, timber mills, retailers, large manufacturers, BC Ferries and Coast Guard Canada.

Employers can use our services to retain their best asset – a healthy workforce

  • Recruit the right person – Pre-employment or functional capacity evaluations to ensure workers can safely manage the job demands.
  • Train – The Work Safe and Office Safe education modules can be presented at the workplace to reduce the risk of manual handling and overuse injuries. We can offer ‘train the trainer’ programs to identify team leaders to provide toolbox talks on injury prevention
  • Retain – Appoint PhysioPlus to be your preferred physiotherapy provider to manage work related injuries or provide wellness services.

Contact the office for a fact sheet about our employer services.

Consultancy Services

  • Independent, ethical and experienced opinion for patients and insurers
  • Negotiation and mediation on ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment and future cost of care

Ross Baines has over 12 years experience as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant to WorkCover (NSW) in Australia. Appointed by representatives of The Australian Physiotherapy Association, The Physiotherapist Registration Board (NSW) and the WorkCover Authority (NSW). Ross has conducted over 1000 file reviews for insurers and negotiated positions on the funding and delivery of ‘reasonably necessary’ treatment with physiotherapists, massage therapists and exercise physiologists as well as giving insurers expert second opinions on treatment options and future cost of care. These opinions are supported by extensive clinical experience, current knowledge of evidence based treatments and valid objective tests and outcome measures.

Patients and payers can rely on Ross Baines to provide independent, experienced and ethical opinions on their personal injury claim and future treatment needs.

Common Conditions

  • Injury prevention
  • Musculoskeletal injury prevention training
  • Train the trainer
  • Toolbox talks
  • Workplace injury
  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • Worker’s compensation premiums
  • Injury profile
  • Medicolegal assessments
  • Insurer claims management
  • Reasonably necessary treatment
  • Future cost of care

Experienced, ethical and expert opinion on workplace injuries and insurance claims

Located downtown at the Savoy Professional Offices – 777 Blanshard Street, Suite 103, Victoria