Choosing a physiotherapist – a checklist to be sure you are in the right hands

Physiotherapy Best Practice How do you know you are receiving the best physiotherapy service available? Nice is not necessarily good. There are a lot of physiotherapists and others healthcare providers offering a service to ‘fix’ your problem. The wrong choice can be costly or even harmful. We have some tips on what you should look […]

Injured in a car accident? Learn about Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD)

Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) By Matt Fitzsimmons- Physiotherapist What is it? Whiplash associated disorder (WAD) is a term given to a variety of symptoms often reported following an acceleration/deceleration injury to the neck or spine, most commonly via a motor vehicle accident. Symptoms often reported, depending on the severity of the injury, may include neck […]

How to recognize the signs of degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM)

By Matt Fitzsimmons – Physiotherapist What it is: DCM is the leading cause of spinal cord impairment in adults, which can rob people of their mobility and independence if left untreated. An estimated one in 10 people will eventually develop the condition, which is commonly diagnosed among patients over the age of 50. As the […]

Hip Joint Pain – Rehab before you need to Replace

By Ross Baines – Physiotherapist Reading about Andy Murry’s recent hip replacement surgery at age 31 led me to reflect on some of the younger patients I see at Physioplus with hip pain. These younger patients often have ‘hip impingement’ – where the neck of the thigh bone (femur) jams against the rim of the […]

The Superfit Sixties

By Ross Baines – Physiotherapist Everything old is new again and movement really is medicine. If you have read “Younger Next Year” you will know the benefits of exercise in helping you age well. What we eat and how we exercise are variables we can control to help us move well and stay well. At […]

What You Need to Know About Back Pain

By Matt Fitzsimmons – Physiotherapist Back pain is a widespread condition that effects the vast majority of the population at some point throughout their life. This condition is often misunderstood and mismanaged, by not only individuals but also healthcare providers, necessitating the need for anyone experiencing back pain understand the up-to-date knowledge regarding this condition. […]

Prehabilitation – Getting Fit for Surgery will Accelerate Post-op Rehab

By Ross Baines – Physiotherapist The concept of prehab for surgery is now recognized as a major factor in getting the best post operative function. Research demonstrates that patients who participate in pre-op exercise programs regain their functional capability faster and better than those patients who don’t undertake appropriate exercises before the surgery. In an […]

Can Physiotherapy Help Arthritis?

By Christine Morrison- Physiotherapist What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint condition as a result of the joint surfaces becoming damaged and thickened. The protective cartilage on the ends of the bones becomes thin and deteriorates. The joint capsule, ligaments, muscles and underlying bone is also affected, thus the movement of the joint […]